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When Should You Have Your Transmission Looked At?

Transmission Repair Des Moines IAThere are many warning signs that you should be aware of when your transmission is in need of repair. One of the most common signs are sounds such as knocking, wheezing, humming, buzzing or whining sounds coming from the engine of your vehicle. If you notice any of these sounds, you should seek professional transmission service as soon as possible.

Not Just Noises Indicate Trouble

Another common sign of transmission trouble are strong burning odors or smells. If you smell strong odors coming from you vehicle, take your car in for transmission repair. They will locate the source of the smells and make a determination if you have transmission trouble or not. If you notice your car’s engine racing, jerking, shaking or slipping when it is at a stop or when it is idle, your transmission may be failing. Also, if your car will not shift into reverse, your car most likely will need transmission repair. You should also seek transmission repair, if you notice fresh stains under your car that are large in size and dark in color. Stains under the car are almost always an indication that your car is in need of immediate transmission repair.

Des Moines #1 Choice For Auto Repair

Always pay attention to your dashboard warning lights. If there is any trouble with your transmission, a warning light or notice will appear. If the light shows up, it is almost certain that your car needs transmission repair or transmission service. It is important to act on it right away to avoid further damage. Some of these warning signs are major while others are minor. If you notice any of these problems with your transmission, you should do what the rest of Des Moines IA does and call one of the five convenient locations of All Pro Servicenter or contact us here to schedule your transmission repair today!

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