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Tire Rotation & Balance Service

The tires on our cars and trucks are easy to overlook unless they are flat. However, these consumable pieces of car equipment are vital to a pleasant and safe driving experience. One of the best things you can do to extend tread life is to rotate tires regularly. This is often done along with an oil change service to minimize visits to your auto repair shop. The certified auto mechanics at All Pro Servicenter’s six Des Moines metro locations are ready to assist you with your tire maintenance needs.

The Benefits Of Our Tire Rotation Service

It Helps Identify Other Maintenance Needs

When you bring your car or truck into All Pro Servicenter for a tire rotation, our experienced mechanics will examine your tire’s wear patterns. A prematurely bald tire or uneven tire wear patterns can point to problems with your car’s alignment, worn-out steering components, and suspension parts (such as shocks and struts) that need replacement. Fixing these issues will not only prevent a premature need for replacement tires but will provide you with a much safer and more comfortable driving experience.

It Extends The Life Of Your Tires

Modern radial tires are one of the most expensive consumables you can buy for your car or truck. You can extend the tire tread life of your new or existing tires by having them regularly rotated. The constant motion of steering your car can cause fronts to wear as much as 200% faster than rear tires. Having underinflated or overinflated tires can accelerate wear even more. You can spread the wear evenly across all tires by rotating them on a set mileage schedule, ensuring you get the best performance and longevity from your new tire purchase. Get your tires checked and ready for the demands of the summer and winter driving seasons with a tire rotation and inspection from one of our seasoned auto techs.

We Balance Tires Too!

If you are experiencing a bumpy car ride, there are several possible causes. It could indicate a broken belt in a tire. This will usually present as a bump on the tire sidewall or tread surface that causes the car to vibrate when in motion. A bumpy car ride can also mean a wheel weight has fallen off and created an imbalance. By bringing your car or truck to the nearest All Pro Servicenter, our auto repair service techs can quickly find the cause and eliminate your bumpy ride with a tire balancing service or by replacing a defective tire.

We Are Your One Stop Auto Maintenance & Repair Shop

Every All Pro Servicenter is fully staffed and equipped to handle whatever your car or truck needs. We are ready to help with major car engine repairs and transmission repairs as well as simple services such as replacing belts and hoses or recharging your car’s air conditioning system. With six convenient locations in the Des Moines Area, there is an All Pro Servicenter nearby to get you the help and service that you need.

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