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Professional Suspension System Service & Repair

Your vehicle’s suspension system is a complex system of parts designed to maintain solid contact with the road’s surface while dampening various bumps and vibrations, ensuring a pleasant ride for you and your passengers. Over time these suspension parts can wear and break, requiring replacement. When that happens, you can trust the certified auto mechanics at All Pro Servicenter to replace your old suspension components with high-quality parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.

Iowa Roads Can Be Hard On Your Suspension

Iowa roads tend to be their worst during the Spring months. The repeated freezes and thaws of winter form potholes in our municipal streets and highways. While these holes are jarring and annoying, can potholes damage your car or truck? Depending on the severity of the road damage, hitting potholes can damage your shocks and struts, break ball joints, or bend tie rods. Damage to these components will also knock your wheel alignment out leading to uneven tire wear and premature tire replacement.

How Do I Know If My Car’s Suspension Needs Service?

Usually, severe suspension damage will be immediately noticeable. The car’s handling will drastically change for the worse, or the car will be undriveable. You will know when to replace shocks and struts when your vehicle bounces going down a well-maintained road. Over the long term, this will create irregular wear on your tires such as intermittent flat spots.

When you bring your vehicle into any of our six Des Moines metro auto repair shop locations for an oil change service, wheel alignment, or tire rotation, we will visually inspect your car for signs of early failure on all critical components, allowing you to repair broken or worn suspension parts before they cause damage to other components such as tires.

All Pro Servicenter Can Fix Or Upgrade Your Vehicle’s Suspension

The trustworthy auto technicians at every Des Moines area All Pro Servicenter are ready and equipped to repair, replace, or even upgrade the suspension components on your car or truck such as:

  • Control arms (upper control arms and lower control arms)
  • Shock and strut replacement
  • Ball joint replacement (upper ball joints and lower ball joints)
  • Tie rod replacement (inner tie rods and outer tie rods)
  • Sway bar links and bushings
  • Install aftermarket heavy-duty offroad suspension or performance suspension parts

Come See The Car Care Experts At All Pro Servicenter

For the most comprehensive and best auto repair in Des Moines and surrounding communities, schedule an appointment at your nearest All Pro Servicenter.In addition to replacing worn or broken car suspension components, our professional auto mechanics offer a variety of auto repair services designed to keep your car on the road and operating at its best. We are ready to help you with auto engine repair, drivetrain repair, oil change services, and everything in between

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Suspension System Frequently Asked Questions

What is a car suspension?

In a nutshell, your car’s suspension is a protective system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect your vehicle to its wheels to support vehicle handling and ride quality.

What are common suspension system problems? How do I know if something is wrong with my car's suspension?

Common signs that your car needs suspension system service include frequently bumpy car rides, your car pulling to one side when turning, difficulty steering your vehicle, and more.

How often should vehicle suspension systems be inspected?

A good rule of thumb for how often to get your suspension system inspected is once a year or about every 15,000 miles (or at your next alignment appointment). Even if you’re not experiencing suspension system problems, it is still important to have routine suspension system inspections completed to avoid vehicle damage and costly car repairs.