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Engine Service or Replacement

A suddenly rough-running engine or check engine light is never welcome when you are driving your car or truck down the road. These warnings can signal a wide variety of problems from something seriously wrong with vital engine components to a simple loose gas cap. Luckily for you, All Pro Servicecenter’s certified mechanics are ready to help diagnose and complete any auto repair service. From simple oil changes to full engine replacement, our six Des Moines metro area auto repair locations are ready to assist you. All of our locations are fully staffed with expert auto technicians capable of working on engines of all types from your classic car to the newest late-model engines in today’s passenger vehicles.

Common Auto Engine Repairs & Services

Engine Gasket Replacements

Engines rely on gaskets to seal engine components and keep combustion gases, coolant, and oil where they belong. When one of these gaskets fails, it can result in everything from annoying engine oil leaks to your engine burning coolant. If left unrepaired, gaskets can fail catastrophically leading to severe internal engine damage. Failed intake or head gaskets are a major cause of engine overheating, coolant leaks, and coolant contamination of the oil. Annoying engine oil leaks can worsen, causing oil starvation of your engine and complete engine failure due to lack of lubrication. Your Des Moines area All Pro Servicecenters are well equipped to deal with gasket replacement services such as:

  • Cylinder head gasket repair
  • Oil pan gasket replacement
  • Intake manifold gasket replacement
  • Valve cover gasket replacement
  • Rear main seal replacement

Engine Component Replacement

As your engine racks up miles and ages, certain components will require preventative replacement, while others are replaced as they fail. When you come to any of our auto shops in Des Moines and the surrounding area, our trained auto repair technicians will perform a detailed engine check to help identify which components need to be replaced due to wear or age. Along with check engine lights and scheduled vehicle service, signs such as engine misfires or stumbling, or loss of power indicate you should see a mechanic. Our Des Moines metro auto repair centers offer component replacement services such as:

  • Timing belt replacement
  • Timing chain replacement
  • Motor mount replacement
  • Emissions component replacement (EGR valve, PCV valve, etc.)
  • Coolant hose replacement & general cooling system maintenance
  • Water pump replacement
  • Engine belt replacements
  • Cylinder head repair or replacement

Engine Replacement & Rebuild Services

Late-model cars are engineered to demanding standards. To meet ever-increasing fuel economy and emissions regulations, automakers have turned to gasoline direct injection (GDI), displacement on demand/active fuel management, low tension oil rings, and turbochargers to create more efficient engines. However, these technologies have some drawbacks that can lead to early engine component failure requiring partial rebuilds or complete engine replacements.

Stuck piston rings can lead to cars burning oil, and GDI engines are prone to performance-robbing carbon build-up in the engine around the valves. Active fuel management and displacement-on-demand designs can shorten the service life of camshafts and lifters. Whether your engine is a late model or an older design, the certified auto mechanics at All Pro’s Polk County auto shop locations can offer engine rebuilds, partial engine overhauls, and total engine replacement services to get your car or truck back on the road.

Trust The Des Moines Area Car Repair Experts

For the absolute best auto repair in Des Moines and the surrounding areas, count on All Pro Servicecenter. From shocks and brakes to complete car engine repair services, no other Polk County auto repair shop will match the quality of our work and customer service. The next time you think you may need engine repair in Des Moines, Urbandale, or Ankeny, come to your closest All Pro Servicecenter and let our professional mechanics take care of you and your vehicle.

All Pro Servicecenters Are The Des Moines Area Engine Experts

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Engine Frequently Asked Questions

What does my check engine light mean?

Your check engine light does not point to one specific issue, it can come on for anything from a serious engine or transmission problem all the way down to a loose gas cap.

What should I do when my check engine light comes on?

Since a check engine light can indicate any number of problems, some very serious, you should bring your car to be checked as soon as possible after it comes on.

How often should my engine air filter be changed?

In general, your vehicle’s engine air filter should be inspected at least once a year or every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, depending on your car and driving conditions, your car engine filter may need to be replaced more often.