Cooling & Heating Systems

Coolant Flush

What does it do? Coolant’s job is to keep the engine at optimal operating temperature, protect from freezing, and heat the cabin.

Why should I change it?

  1. Protect system from corrosion. Coolant passes through different metals in the engine such as iron and aluminum causing electrolysis. This condition will cause the coolant to actually erode away the metals and gaskets in the system.
  2. Lubricate your water pump. Coolant also contains chemicals that lubricate the bearings in the water pump. Over time it loses the ability to lubricate just like engine oil.
  3. Maintain heater system. Flushing the coolant will keep debris from forming in the cooling system and plugging up the heater core. When the heater core plugs up you will lose performance of the heating system inside the car.
  4. Remove contaminates. As the coolant travels it picks up contaminates. These particles will collect in the heater core and radiator preventing the system from working properly.
  5. Maintain vehicle warranty

When should I change it? Every manufacturer has different recommendations depending on the type of coolant they are using. In most cases, 3 years or 30,000 miles is the recommended interval.

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