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We’ll Check Your Warning Lights

We can all relate to the anxious feeling of seeing the checking engine light or ABS warning light come to life on the dash of our cars and trucks. These vague warning indicators tell you only that your vehicle requires the attention of a skilled auto technician for some sort of car service or repair. All Pro Servicenter wants to take the worry out of warning lights by finding the exact issue with your automobile. Regardless of the cause, you can rest assured that the skilled auto mechanics at our six convenient Des Moines metro locations are equipped with the diagnostic tools and experience to fix your car or truck.

Don’t Ignore Those Check Engine Lights

The computer-driven systems on modern automobiles are a wonder of the technological age. However when the computer senses there is a problem with your automotive drivetrain, you get only a single warning saying something such as “Check Engine Soon” or “Service Engine Soon”. The root cause for these lights ranges wildly in severity. These lights may be informing you that you’re overdue for an oil change service or that your car’s gas cap is broken to warning of something more serious like a broken engine sensor or needing major engine repair. The only way to find the cause is to a car diagnostics scanner to read check engine light codes from the onboard computer. Some of the common issues revealed in these scans include:

We Check Antilock Brake System (ABS) & Traction Control Warning Lights Too!

Most consumer-grade car scanners on the market today are very limited in their ability to provide detailed information behind warning lights, and most cannot read codes related to computer-driven braking and traction control systems. The professional-grade scanning tools at all six of our Des Moines metro area locations can read any code provided by your car or truck. If your traction control or ABS light comes on and you need answers, make the nearest All Pro Servicenter your next destination. Our trained technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and offer you professional repair solutions to return your car’s systems to roadworthy status.

We’re The Auto Maintenance & Auto Repair Service Experts

With six convenient locations and world-class technicians, All Pro Servicenter is your one-stop shop for auto repair in Des Moines and the surrounding area. From engine replacement to transmission service, suspension work, or automotive air conditioning repair, come to the auto repair shop that can do it all, come to your nearest All Pro.

For Expert Automotive Diagnostics & Repair, Come To All Pro

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Automotive Warning Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Is a warning light serious?

A warning light can mean many things from a simple broken gas cap to major issues with your drivetrain.

How do I find out what my warning light means?

The expert technicians at All Pro Servicenter can determine the cause of your warning light with a professional-grade automotive scan tool