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Your wheel bearings may be something to which you’ve never given a thought while driving around West Des Moines, Iowa. Wheel bearings are what enable your wheels to spin freely. Since they bear the entire weight of the vehicle, they have to be tough. Wheel bearings can last well over 100,000 miles. They do wear out though and must eventually be replaced.

You might hear a groaning sound from your wheels. The sound might disappear at some speeds and reappear at others. Your Des Moines, Iowa service technicians at All Pro Servicenter can quickly tell if your bearings are bad by raising the vehicle and wiggling the wheel. When you grasp the top and bottom of the tire, it shouldn’t move along the vertical axis.

Many vehicles these days have wheel bearing assemblies that cannot be serviced at All Pro Servicenter. When the bearings go bad, we simply replace the entire wheel bearing assembly.

For those vehicles with wheel bearings that can be accessed, we can do some preventive maintenance. You may have heard the phrase ‘Pack the Bearings’. With this procedure, we remove the bearings, carefully clean them, and inspect for any imperfection or wear. If the bearings can be reused, we reinstall them and pack them with grease. If not, we put in new bearings. Check your owner’s manual or ask your All Pro Servicenter advisor if your bearings can be serviced, and if so, when it should be done.

Now, taking care of bad bearings is extremely important. When bearings go bad, they generate tremendous amounts of heat – enough to lock up the wheel. That’s not a good thing at any speed. In some cases, the wheel can even fall off. Either of these could cause a serious accident. So, have your wheel bearings inspected if you suspect a problem and replace them right away if there is one!

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Bearings & Seals Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wheel bearing?

Wheel bearings are crucial components of a car’s steering, braking, and suspension systems. Essentially, they enable your wheel to turn properly.

How long do wheel bearings last?

Wheel bearings can last well over 100,000 miles but do eventually wear out and must be replaced.

How much is it to replace a wheel bearing?

The price for these services varies depending on the make and model of your car, the cost of parts, etc. Contact us for a quote today!