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Professional Battery Testing and Replacement Services

The automotive battery in your car or truck lives a tough life. The extreme temperatures of Iowa summers and winters combined with today’s advanced electrical systems place a heavy burden on your battery. Modern fuel-saving features such as start-stop technology also add thousands of extra engine starting cycles over a few years of regular driving, shortening an auto battery’s service life.

How Do You Know If Your Car Battery Is Going Bad?

Signs of a bad battery are subtle and easy to miss until it completely fails and your truck or car won’t start. A bad battery will not always trigger a check engine light on all vehicles. If you notice these symptoms you may want to bring your vehicle to one of All Pro Servicenter’s certified auto mechanics to have them test your car battery.

Your Engine Turns Over Slowly Or Drains Quickly

If your engine is turning over slowly during warm or hot weather, it can indicate the battery’s health is declining.

Heavy Corrosion On Battery Terminals or Battery Connectors

While some auto manufacturers are now placing batteries under seats, or in hidden compartments, most still live under the hood of your car or truck. If you notice heavy greenish corrosion present on the negative or positive terminals, this can be a sign that the battery is starting to fail and should be replaced.

Bulging Battery Casing Or Battery Acid Leaks

Bulges in the battery casing or acid weeping from any place are signs that the battery is physically compromised and will fail shortly. Leaking acid can also damage your car and other components and should be addressed quickly.

A Failing or Dead Battery Can Point To Other Problems

While car batteries age and fail on their own, other electrical components in your car can kill your battery prematurely if they are malfunctioning. Bulged, leaking, low, or dead batteries can also be a sign of a bad alternator or charging system. The experienced auto technicians at all six Des Moines metro locations use professional diagnostic equipment and car battery testers to determine if other components are harming your battery. If additional auto repair services are warranted, you can trust our experienced local mechanics to quickly get your car back in top operating condition.

Get Quality Car Battery Replacement Service From Us

If our diagnostic tests show it is time to replace your battery, you can rest assured that we use high-quality replacements from top manufacturers to ensure years of reliable service. From standard lead acid batteries to premium AGM batteries, we have a wide variety of options for every vehicle and every budget. Avoid the hassle of reaching for jumper cables to start your car by calling your nearest All Pro today.

All Pro Is Your Auto Service And Repair Experts

Going well beyond car battery testing and replacement, you can count on All Pro Servicenter for the best auto repair in Des Moines and the surrounding metro. From simple oil change services to extensive engine repair services and more, we have your every need handled. Stop by one of our six convenient auto repair shops today to schedule your auto maintenance or repair.

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Battery Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my car’s battery smell like rotten eggs?

A car battery will smell like rotten eggs (or sulfur) as a result of overcharging. When overcharged, electrolysis occurs in the battery fluid which boils it and evaporates, letting off a very unique smell.

If you are experiencing a “rotten egg smell” near your battery, an unusually long time to start your car’s engine, or are have owned your car’s battery for 3 or more years, it’s time to get it’s looked at.

Let our experts make sure you’re keeping your car in the best running condition possible!

How long should a car battery last?

The average battery life for a conventional lead-acid car battery is about four to five years and can be as short as three years in hot climates. Battery life can be reduced if the battery is run down frequently, chronically undercharged, or subjected to extreme vibration (driving on rough roads). Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM batteries usually last up to 6 years or longer.

How can I tell if a battery is good or bad?

Load testing a battery or using an electronic battery tester to check the condition of your battery will tell you if it is good or bad. If your battery fails either type of test, it needs to be replaced.