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It is important to properly maintain your vehicle no matter how old it is. Proper maintenance of your car includes having your oil changed regularly. Having your car’s oil changed benefits you and your car in several ways.

 Spot Problems Early

Having your oil changed will give your mechanic the opportunity to look under the hood of your car and see problems that you may not be aware of. Frayed belts and worn hoses can be spotted and fixed before they become a major problem that leaves you stranded.

 A Better Running Car

Oil changes can help a car run better. Oil is an important factor of how an engine performs. Engine oil can get moisture in it which can make a car run sluggish.

An Engine That Lasts Longer

Frequent oil changes are a low cost way to help you car’s engine last longer. Oil is a necessary part to keeping things running smoothly in the engine. Old oil can actually hurt the engine and cause significant damage that can cost thousands of dollars in repairs.

In conclusion, don’t put off having your oil changed because of time or money. We provide oil changes at a low cost and work hard to get our customers back on the road as quickly as possible. If you’d like to schedule an oil change or have any questions, please give All Pro Servicenter in Des Moines a call today.