If you are a vehicle owner, then of course it is important for you to keep your vehicle in its best shape at all times by having regular maintenance performed on your car. This will ensure that it lasts you for many years and miles to come. However, even having regular maintenance performed may not be enough to prevent your vehicle from running into mechanical problems at some point down the road. Usually, however, there are noticeable warning signs for major mechanical issues. By becoming familiar with some of these audible signs, you can recognize and diagnose an issue with your car before it gets any worse.

Brake Clunking

One of the most common sounds that may alert you to a problem with your vehicle is that of a clunking noise when you depress your vehicle’s brake pedal. Most often, this is a sign of an issue with your overall braking system. The specific issue here can vary, so you will want to take your vehicle in to a qualified auto repair shop in Des Moines IA to have the issue officially diagnosed. However, more than likely, you will need to have your brakes, brake pads, or rotors replaced.

Transmission Grinding

Another noise that may signify a problem with your vehicle is that of grinding coming from the transmission. You may find that this sound is most noticeable when you turn the steering wheel or when driving slowly over bumps in a road or parking lot. This is often a sign of an issue with your car’s transmission. However, these kinds of car noises can also be related to your car’s tie rods or bearings, so it is important to have the problem diagnosed by a professional mechanic.

Engine Knocking

Finally, if you ever hear deep knocking noises coming from your car’s engine, this is not something to be taken lightly. Engine problems can range from something as minor as a cylinder that needs to be replaced to an entire engine overhaul that needs to be done. Therefore, if you ever hear any strange noises coming from your engine, you should be sure to take it to an auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Overall, there are certain responsibilities that come along with being a vehicle owner, including that of keeping your car well maintained at all times. This is why it is important to be on the lookout for strange car noises, such as the ones listed above.  All Pro Servicenter has five convenient locations in the area, and our service advisors are ready to help you with any car noises!