Brake Repair Des MoinesSince the brake system of your automobile helps you bring the car to a stop as quickly as possible, maintaining brakes that work properly is very important to your safety on the road. Smart drivers pay attention to the following signs that they need some type of brake repair. If none of these warning signs are noticeable, smart drivers get a check of their braking capabilities at a brake service at least once a year.

High Pitched Squealing                   

Any high pitched squealing sound when your vehicle comes to a stop is an indicator that your brakes pads have worn down to the point that they begin to rub against the rotor. Brake repair service should be scheduled within 30 days at most.

Soft Brakes

When applying pressure to your brake pedal and the pedal feels softer than usual and depresses farther down than normal, your brakes need attention. If it seems to be taking longer than usual to make your car come to a complete stop after applying the brake pedal, don’t hesitate to make an appointment for brake service.

Wiggling Steering Wheel

If you notice that the steering wheel starts to wiggle every time the car completes to a complete stop, it’s a signal that your rotors have sustained damage and need replacement. Rotors don’t have to be replaced as often as do brake pads.

Low Brake Fluid

If a visual inspection of your brake fluid container indicates that the fluid has fallen below the recommended minimum levels, your brake line may be experiencing a slow leak. Low brake fluid levels are the most serious signal that your car needs immediate brake repair service because it is now unsafe to drive. It’s best to call your local All Pro Servicenter and have it towed rather than take the chance to drive it there yourself and have your brakes fail completely.