Car owners tend to focus a great deal of effort on getting their vehicle ready for winter, forgetting that just as much preparation is needed to ensure that you car will run well during the summer. The added heat can do some serious damage to the components in your car when they are functioning in less than ideal conditions. Getting ready for drives across country or annual trips to the beach should include some of the following maintenance necessities.

The coolant level and mixture that is present under the hood is vital in the summer. A lack of proper fluids can cause problems with a variety of systems in the car. The engine can overheat due to a lack of fluid, damage can occur within the radiator as the temperature increases, and the air conditioning can stop working as effectively. The majority of automotive stores will sell coolant testing kits to ensure your mixture is healthy. In the Des Moines area, many drivers handle these kinds of maintenance and repairs by visiting All Pro Servicenter. We all can identify with the importance of a great air conditioner when things heat up. If you only perform one maintenance or repair before the summer begins, then it should be this one.

The other vital fluids of the engine should be checked and topped off as well. These liquids include the brake fluid, the engine oil, and your power steering fluid. The consistency and cleanliness of the fluids should also come under scrutiny. Dirty oil can be especially harmful during the summer. Already degraded oil will become even heavier and full of sludge when it is forced to operate in hot summer conditions. Finally, the start of the summer is a good time to check your battery for any lack of fluid or damage due to corrosion that is likely to have occurred during the winter and spring.