Over the years diesel vehicles have gotten a bad rap, but things have changed…

Here in the United States, diesel vehicles have often not been the first choice when it comes to purchasing a car. Digital Trends notes that many U.S. consumers consider diesel a dirty fuel and have stayed away.

But technology advancements have now made diesel engines a clean, green option! Since 2018, North Americans have been seeing a lot more diesel-fueled vehicles on the road. And we’re not talking about buses and trucks. These vehicles will be passenger cars, pick-ups, and SUV’s.

In fact, let’s take the time to debunk a few other myths about diesel-powered vehicles.

A close up image of a car engine being worked on by a man wearing gloves.

Diesel Myths Debunked

1. Diesel Engines Burn Dirty

This was true years ago. Since 2006, however, U.S. diesel vehicles have been required by law to use ultra-low-sulfur diesel or USLD. Additionally, recent changes in environmental laws (in 2018) also require upgraded emissions standards for diesel fuel in North America. Modern diesel vehicles are soot-free and have a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Diesel Engines Are Sluggish

Not any more. They are as fast off the line as similar gasoline-powered cars. If your idea of fun is to spend an afternoon test-driving new cars, go take a spin in a diesel BMW or Porsche.

3. Diesel Engines Are Loud

Back in the day, you could hear a diesel motor from a mile away. Today’s diesel engines are able to run quietly.

The main contributor to the smoother and quieter diesel engine is in the combustion chambers, the electronic control module program, and fuel injection design changes. The cylinder heads and piston faces are designed to take advantage of even fuel mist dispersion and pre-combustion type chambers, helping to keep things quiet.

4. Diesel Engines Have a Bad Resale Value

Correction! Actually, diesel vehicles have a lower depreciation rate.

Diesel engines are heavier than gasoline engines because they require more heavy-duty parts, but that means the engines are more durable and can last longer than gasoline engines. Also, diesel engines may be the engines of the future since they can burn many of the new bio-fuels.

Another often-overlooked benefit is a lower risk of fire. Diesel fuel is less flammable and won’t explode like gasoline.

Consider Your Options

At All Pro Servicenter, we occasionally service diesel cars and trucks with over 300,000 miles/500,000 kilometers. The heavy-duty parts make diesel vehicles a little more expensive to buy new, but due to the extra burliness, diesel engines last a lot longer. This is one of the reasons Cummins diesel vehicles inspire such a loyal following.

Cons? Cold weather starting. Diesel engines can be hard to fire up when the temperature drops. However, an engine block heater can solve this problem. Talk to your friendly and knowledgeable All Pro Servicenter service advisor for more information.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle that’s easy on fuel, you might want to explore your diesel options. You’ll save money and may qualify for a tax credit if you buy a clean diesel vehicle.

Of course, cars that run on diesel require regular maintenance like any other vehicle and the services are usually a little more costly due to the nature of the engines. But the extra cost is offset by the better fuel economy and longer engine life.

Bottom line? The diesel vehicles on Central Iowa roads today are not your grandfather’s diesel.

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